Enclave at the Cathedral is located on the property of Manhattan’s Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Its surrounding gardens and buildings form an 11.3-acre campus collectively referred to as “The Close."

The Residences

The new residences sit on the area that formerly housed the masons’ stone sheds which held the granite used to construct the Cathedral. With respect to this, the facade is composed of a series of cast-in-place concrete ribs, derived from the transformation of the Cathedral’s buttresses with the chiseled concrete, presenting a quiet deferential expression to the Cathedral. The fifteen-story building is separated into two volumes along its 113th Street frontage, allowing views of the North Transept, and a new grand stair providing access to the Transept and the Cathedral nave. Inside, the entrance lobby connects the eastern and western portions of the building by way of a sky-lit gallery below the new transept stairs.


With interiors that reflect the material expression of the exterior, and attended by a 24-hour concierge, the lobby at Enclave serves as a gateway to over ten-thousand square feet of amenities and 430 residences.